Human vs God

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Why human is in search of God?

Ask this query to yourself, if you are also looking for God.

Did anyone prove that they have seen God?

Is God physically present?

Why this God is influencing men and is the major subject of debate?

Are you happy to be the person you are now?

Do you aim to go higher /become like someone else?

Are you urged to strive for more even when in possession of the biggest?

Are you unhappy in secrecy of your mind?

Relationship issues going out of control?

Nothing is positive for you in this moment?

Stress dominating your mind?

Victory looks remote to your efforts?

Blame others for your misfortunes?

Longing in the heart for the missed piece of you?

Physical hunger, emotional craving, spiritual longing?

Like this anything…

Feeling of incompleteness …

You can name it as spiritual thirst !

Meet me with your own desire and find the way !

வாழ்கை முன்னேற்றம்